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Hello! Thank you for visiting Hilltop Music Shop! This is a new website for us, and we thank you for being patient while we work out the kinks!  


Southern Oregon's home of vintage, hand-built and better quality new stringed instruments.

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   The idea for Hilltop Music Shop was born in the San Jacinto mountains in southern California -  in a tiny magical town called Idyllwild. This is where Wayne Cameron and Lily McCabe lived for several years before starting a new life in southern Oregon. Through a very serendipidous set of circumstances and not-so-chance happenings while driving around the state of Oregon, the opportunity arose to purchase a small music store whose owners were transitioning out of the business. Thus Hilltop Music Shop became a reality. 


   Being musicians themselves Wayne (guitar and bass player), and Lily (violin/fiddle) always had a deep appreciation for quality instruments. Wayne’s love of buying, selling and trading guitars and his lifelong skill of woodworking and repairing came together to create one of the highest quality and musician-friendly music stores on the west coast. Since first opening in September of 2015, Hilltop has gone through several metamorphoses and location changes, and is now distilled down to it’s essence: a shop of highly curated, better quality used, new,  vintage, and boutique stringed instruments that inspire people to play them. While Hilltop has become a central hub for the thriving local music community, it is also a must-visit destination shop for those travelling through. Thank you for supporting small, independent music stores where the magic really happens. We look forward to seeing you soon!